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Ever since Jordan could hold a crayon, he has dedicated his career to this lifelong ambition. "It's in my soul; it's my passion. Some people are born athletes - to me, I've always known art."

jord vineyard winter abstract painting.j

Born and raised in the Niagara region, Jordan's work has been heavily influenced by the surrounding escarpment and vineyards. The wine industry and land has drawn a touch of old world Europe to the area, influencing the food and culture.  A painters haven, he has always appreciated the beauty of Niagara.

Of the various mediums Jordan utilizes, he predominantly employs oil for his paintings. As oil is rich and vibrant, this classic medium allows an artist to capture the desired effect due to its versatile. 

He began showing his work at art shows and galleries in the early 2000s. Driven to create and explore, Jordan is devoted to following his own creative path of developing new and fresh works of art. 


Jordan currently works and resides in the Greater Toronto Area.


Art, primarily oil painting, has been a lifelong passion. It is a pleasure to apply paint to canvas, to contribute to the world of the arts and to continue to hone my craft.

The abstract series are formless and boundless pieces. Palette knives and soft bristle paint brushes with raw oil paint are used to create a dynamic and vibrant canvas. On occasion, small amounts of linseed oil are used to create depth. The objective is to produce timeless, free-flowing and mysterious artwork that has no borders or limitations. Each piece is universal and open to interpretation. Within the artwork, shapes and colours merge to combine and blend to form an esoteric image.

Artistic influences include the likes of Andrew Wyeth, Frank Frazetta, Casey Baugh and Jeremy Lipking. Exploring nature and experiencing other cultures also light my artistic fire.

Art enriches lives - that is my sole purpose for devoting countless hours at the easel.

  • Shows and Exhibitions
    2019 - Niagara-on-the-Lake Public Library - Solo Exhibition 2016 - McMaster Innovation Park - ATWP - Group Exhibition 2016 - Station 1 Coffee House, Grimsby - Charity Cause Solo Exhibit 2016 - Mahtay Café St Catharines - Group Charity Exhibit 2015 - Pumphouse Gallery Member Exhibition 2014 - Heaters Heroes Oakes Park, Niagara Falls - Solo Charity Show 2013 - Niagara Falls Public Library - Solo Charity Exhibit 2013 - Niagara Falls Humane Society - Group Exhibition 2012 - Community Artists Niagara Group Exhibition - Charity Exhibit
  • Classes and Workshops
    2016 - Paul Richard James Atelier - Portrait painting 2015 - Dundas Valley School of Art - Watercolour/Acrylic Painting, Art Nouveau, Pottery 2007 - Burlington Art Gallery - Landscapes in Oil 2003/'08/'12/'15 - Pumphouse Gallery -Life drawing, Palette knife painting, Art history early civilizations, Portraits in oil, Landscape painting 2003 - Niagara College - Life drawing, Pastel drawing, Portraiture 1996 - Niagara Falls Art Gallery - Painting in acrylic
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